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#13: The First Month

The countdown continues to June 14, 2015, Emilia Caledonia Rhea Avanzino's first birthday...

What were we doing this time last year?  We were expecting a baby any day now, of course.  The days leading up your birth were harrowing to say the least, but as soon as you yelled your big "HEY!" to the world, we had yet to know the true meaning of "life turned upside down."  That first month - Baby Boot Camp, indeed - changed your mom and me.  You made us into parents.

It's common knowledge that new parents will be in for sleepless nights, piles of diapers, constant drool and spit-up wiping, and general personal havoc while they adjust to focus on the new life in their lives. Luckily, your mom had planned ahead (Oh Baby!) so that the trailer, all of your necessities, many of your possible wishes, and even our prospective schedules were in place before we even left for the hospital.  We really had it dialed up and were going to start right!  Then came a few unknow…

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